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0.5.3 out of the way

Yep, 0.5.3 is released!

Thanks to your feedback, we've managed to squat some more bugs and add some improvements:

  • Traffic shaping description adjusted (it's per connection, not overall)
  • Added OpenSSL check in the installer
  • Installer finds more tools, and autoselects the URL and locations
  • Installer now looks for a dbconfig.php and uses that info as default values (easier upgrading)
  • Improved rename in view files
  • Add possible IP check to bind session to IP
  • Groups get selected from /etc/groups instead of free form text field, in config
  • Bugfix in newsgroups where time 0:00 would not be shown
  • Added marking the newests sets since previous login
  • IPv6 support improved and tested, for both URDD and newsgroup access
  • Speed up in update newsgroups
  • Fixed a minor bug in downloading articles counter
  • Minor speed up in downloading
  • Improved downloading newsgroup list (speed up and memory usage limitation)
  • Changed usenet server configuration, for future multi server support
  • Some small bug fixes in URDD
  • Some fixes in urdd_client (added status, version)
  • Added buttons in browse to the bottom ;)
  • Enabling / disabling of the urdd scheduler added to config screen
  • Fixes to the debug page
  • And last but definitely not least: Added background stripes for a more classy look :)

Biggest change is probably the IPv6 support, and it's pretty darn solid. Both of us have been using it without problems. Too bad probably only 1% of the URD users would be interested in IPv6 support for now... In a year or 2 maybe more ;)

Check it out on the download page!

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