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URD 1.7.0: Revelation 3D

And as such it has been revealed: The latest and greatest version of the Usenet Resoure Downloader: URD 1.7.0. There are a couple of bugfixes this time, albeit mostly minor issues but not in the least some bright new features and impromevents. The main changes are:

  • Default stylesheet is now "Light"
  • New, smaller download basket
  • White lists for spots
  • Large set filter added

 The complete list of changes, bugfixes and other tweaks is after the break as usual :)

In case you have any trouble installing, using or otherwise, or have any suggestions for improvements, new features or want to contribute in any other way: don't hesistate to post them on the URDland forum

And don't forgot to follow the @urdland twitter account !

The complete list of changes:

  •  Updated search string parsing; now supports not and or as keywords, eg foo or not bar
  •  When a new usenet server is added, it is set as an indexing server if no other indexing server is set.
  •  Keep pop up open in case an error happens in the upload
  •  Add default schedules after installation
  •  Fixed bug in selecting download path for spots
  •  Fixed bug in saved searches next and previous buttons
  •  Added quickmenu to spot details
  •  Fixed some minor issues with statistics about supply
  •  Added white list for spots
  •  Fixed some issues with DB updating
  •  Fixed error in statistics with regard to importe../../../../../cms/d nzb file size_/li__li__nbsp.css;Fixed issue with saved searches
  •  Hide categories when no categories are present
  •  Added filter options to throw away too large sets
  •  Changes in basket are kept when changing between supply types
  •  Added mini download basket as an option
  •  Switch default style sheet to "light"
  •  Sets marked as x-rated are alse hidden when user is not permitted to see adult sets
  •  Fixed bug in searching on tags in spots
  •  Added search buttons for MovieMeter
  •  Show size of the previewed file in preview
  •  Fix bug not showing (c) and pw images when ext set data is set for spots
  •  Update to smarty 3.1.13


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