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URD 1.6.0: We Are Legion

Here it comes again. A new bright and shining version of the Usenet Resoure Downloader: URD 1.6.0: We Are Legion. There are quite a few bugfixes this time, albeit mostly minor issues. The main changes are:

  •  It will now show the number of comments in spots overview, if comments for spots are enabled
  • Cleaned up the spots expire time settings; it's now under admin instead of hidden in the newgroup list
  • Downloading NBZs from spots will now be capable of running on all servers instead of just the primary one
  • Added support for postgresql v9
  • Cancelled downloads got a more elobarate information button
  • Scaling of images (e.g. preview and statistis) is now done according to the screen size

The complete list of changes, bugfixes and other tweaks is after the break as usual :)

In case you have any trouble installing, using or otherwise, or have any suggestions for improvements, new features or want to contribute in any other way: don't hesistate to post them on the URDland forum

And don't forgot to follow the @urdland twitter account !

The complete list of changes:


  •  Fix bug in filtering by spots spam reports (thx @ Grombulk)
  •  Added option to create a new directory in view_files
  •  Kept pop up open incase creating file or dir failed in view_files
  •  Fixed a small bug in desert CSS not rounding bottom corners of menu
  •  Added URD version number to hover below URD logo in menu
  •  Added number of spot reports to spot details popup
  •  Show number of comments in spots overview (if comments are enabled)
  •  Added more statistics on spots
  •  Added configuration option to set the spots expire time
  •  Speed up of expiring spot comments / reports by adding some indices
  •  Split up commands for getting spots into spots, reports and comments
  •  Fixed bug when articles not found on one server leads to a failed download when urd is still busy on another server
  •  NZB downloading from spots now can run on any server
  •  Fixed bug in editting saved searches
  •  Added close button to preview images
  •  Moved CSS and JS files to separate directories
  •  Upgraded to ADODB 5.18
  •  Added postgresql 9 support for adodb and added to installer
  •  Quick menu will not show the search sub menu if there is only one button selected, the first button will be used directly instead
  •  Added search buttons for Baidu, Dictionary, DuckDuckGo, Googlemaps
  •  Added nice template for updating db pages
  •  Added comment to download info to put additional information (such as canceled because of encrypted rar or by user)
  •  Fixed small bug setting the last updated value wrongly when adding an RSS set
  •  Hide the merge button in the basket unless there are 2 or more sets that can be merged
  •  Fixed some minor issues with saved searches
  •  Fixed a bug in importi../../../../../cms/ng RSS feeds with non ASCII characters_/li__li__nbsp.css;Fixed a bug in showing RSS sets with non ascii characters
  •  Dynamically size statistics graphs according to screensize
  •  added icon for ebooks
  •  Updated smarty to 3.1.12
  •  bug fix escaping special chars in confirmation popups
  •  bug fix in editting files not having proper permissions
  •  automatically scale images in preview
  •  reorganised preferences somewhat
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