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URD 1.5.0: Gťnesis

And so it came to be! The URD 1.5.0 release has seen the light. And so rightfully you ask what it new? The major enhancements this time are

  • A large improvement to all stylesheets
  • Improved the file view pages
  • Option in the installer to chose the database engine for MySQL

And lots of minor improvements and bug fixes as usual.

The complete list of changes, bugfixes and other tweaks is after the break as usual :)

In case you have any trouble installing, using or otherwise, or have any suggestions for improvements, new features don't hesistate to post them on the URDland forum ! 

 And don't forgot to follow the @urdland twitter account !

  • ¬†Added mapping of saved searches to categories
  • ¬†Added next/previous/etc buttons on viewing image files in a directory
  • Cleaned up image directory
  • ¬†renamed all .inc files to .php files
  • ¬†Fixed bug in browsing rss sets - quickmenu not showing hide this set option
  • ¬†Fixed a small bug showing two type images in spots after editing set info
  • ¬†Added day of the week to daily statistics
  • ¬†Printed all days of the week for months that had no data instead of just one lonely '0'
  • ¬†Fixed bug in downloading comments
  • ¬†Speed up of downloading comments
  • ¬†Overhaul of all stylesheets. Esp spots and sets details and other popups
  • ¬†Fixed a few bugs in rss pages
  • ¬†Fixed a bug not showing the remove from basket buttons on reloading
  • ¬†Updates for all stylesheets
  • ¬†Fixed issues with not removing task status after error during getting spots
  • ¬†Use a popup when clicking download NZB in viewfiles
  • ¬†Added option to installer to chose MySQL database Engine
  • ¬†Fixed bug not showing set updating tab in config when sync module was disabled
  • ¬†Fixed bug in importi../../../../../cms/ng RSS feeds settings_/li__li__nbsp.css;Added option to select database engine for MySQL in installer
  • ¬†Added message to installer when creating database
  • ¬†Uncluttered some more popups
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