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URD 1.4.0: The Dark|Light URD rises

Oh and there it is. The latest URD release is a fact. Happily numbered 1.4.0. And we got some great new features:

  • Two new stylesheets with only few images
  • Implemented the use of templates for email messages sent by URD
  • Added more statistics information, including spots count and distribution, group sets count

 And lots of minor improvements and bug fixes as usual.

And don't forgot to follow the @urdland twitter account !

The complete list of changes, bugfixes and other tweaks is after the break as usual :)

  •  Fixed an issue with smarty initiation on php > 5.4
  •  Made all URLs in spot info clickable
  •  Fixed an incorrect error message for sending certain mails would fail
  •  Fixed an issue with failing to send reset password messages
  •  Implemented mail templates
  •  Added light stylesheet with limited images
  •  Added dark stylesheet with limited images
  •  Updated other stylesheets
  •  Improvements to the post pages
  •  Updated smarty to 3.1.11
  •  Config permits auto download by default
  •  Fixed a bug in autodownload functionality (thx ProD)
  •  Cleaned up some divs for saving searches
  •  Fixed a small bug in returning count of added rss sets
  •  Upgraded phplot to 5.8.0
  •  Fixed bug in socket library
  •  Fixed a bug in handling filenames with a / in editing files
  •  Fixed a bug in some confirmation messages
  •  Fixed a couple of minor issues in HTML
  •  Switched to HTML5
  •  Fixed bug in parsing UBB codes
  •  Fixed bug in parsing messages
  •  Fixed bug in storing downloaded files
  •  Added check for date.timezone in php.ini to installer
  •  Fixed database issue with rss sets missing column
  •  Fixed rare issue with future dates/times and calculating age for sets
  •  Many smaller tweaks and fixes
  •  Moved preferences to the top of the settings menu
  •  Fixed bug resulting in some groups appearing twice in the grouplist
  •  Added more statistics for spots, groups, rss-feeds

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