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The Pirates! URD of Misfits 1.3.0

 All right so there you have it. A brand new, shining version of URD, version 1.3.0.

I hear you thinking... but what is new.  Mostly minor improvements and bugfixes. But there are some new features as wel

  • Adult filter (yep you can hide pr0n for a user)
  • Spam reports are included for spots now too
  • Autodownloading from spots
  • Selecting the download folder from a drop down list 

 The complete list of changes, bugfixes and other tweaks is after the break as usual :)

  •  Fix for libxml_parsehuge option missing in older libxml versions
  •  Hide some errors parsing nfo files
  •  Added extra check for URL when parsing nfo files
  •  fixed bug in show newsgroups command
  •  Added adult content filter
  •  Fine grained access to update/expire command for non-admin users
  •  Fixed a notice message in spots (thx @grombulk)
  • Fixed a rare bug due to negative ETA (thx @senax)
  •  Fixed a bug in not properly setting session info when changing the users password in preferences
  •  Added google style search to view files, allowing quotes and minus as special chars
  •  Added sorting indicators to the browse pages
  •  Added external blacklist for spots based on spotter IDs
  •  Added option to obtain spot spam reports
  •  Added option to report spam
  •  Fixed a rare bug happening restoring the queue/schedules on restart with stale downloads
  •  Fixed a bug in validating the magpie directory cache (thx @ipump)
  •  Fixed an issue with handling stale pid files
  •  Fixed an issue with handling doubly appearing spots
  •  Updated style of view/edit set info to match view spot info
  •  Fixed small bug in handling error when log file could not be read in admin/logs
  •  Updated format information for download path
  •  Fixed a bug importing search options
  •  Non-admin users are now allowed to clean up their transfers too
  •  Fixed a bug in handling saving nfo info when user is no set editor
  •  Added download selector to download dirname is basket and upload nzb
  •  Fixed security bug for opening root directory if user dir was not found in viewfiles (thx @olafkewl)
  •  Hidden spots groups from newsgroups overview, unless specifically sought for them
  •  Updated smarty to 3.1.8
  •  added autodownload support for spots
  •  dashboard will now show server names in threads
  •  added button to toggle showing/hiding passwords
  •  Fixed bug in sorting in viewfiles
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