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Let Them Snuff URD 1.2.0

... And then there was a new release of URD version 1.2.0

But what new is there this  time. Well, mostly bug fixes and minor enhancements, but there are some new features too. URD can now also retrieve comments to spots and the scripts to updating the database have been completely reworked. Notice to upgraders that depending on the database size, updating may take a while! There are lots of small tweaks too the user interface. The search options have been extended once again and as far as possible the defaults now use HTTPS to prevent those pesky prying eyes.

The complete list of changes, bugfixes and other tweaks is after the break as usual :)

  • Close popup windows when loading sets
  • Added config option to disallow robots indexing pages (meta tag)
  •  New database update and install scripting
  •  Fixed bug in handling of mime encoded files without multipart headers
  •  Fixed bug in handling spots for which no data / nzb could be found
  •  Fixed issue with not resetting page offset when changing saved searches
  •  Added comments to spots
  •  Updated view for spots details
  •  Fixed bug when adding sets to downloads not showing the right size in transfers
  •  Updated smarty to 3.1.6
  •  Fixed issue in selecting saved searches
  •  cleanup install directory
  •  Added check for db version
  •  Added URDD offline message to all pages
  •  Clicking messagebar hides it
  •  Fixed a bug in handling images that are not images in spots
  •  Fixed handling indexing server on autoconfig in usenetserver page
  •  Fixed a bug in handling errors when listening on sockets
  •  Fixed a bug handling non ascii characters is the basket
  •  Fixed bug in restarting downloads with queued adddata/addspotdata commands not reseting the dl lock
  •  Added setname to upload NZB dialog
  •  Improved error handling when showing some dialogs while URDD is offline
  •  added clickjack prevention
  •  added previous/next buttons on saved searches
  •  Fixed a race condition is setting the size of a download
  •  Fixed bug in handling spots with NZBs in multiple segments (usually very large spots)
  •  Fixed small bug in selecting rss feed
  •  Fixed bug not showing newsgroups pageskippers
  •  Fixed a small issue with displaying the ETA on downloads
  •  Returned the test search option funcition
  •  Changed default many search options to use HTTPS
  •  Added a few search options: Twitter, Facebook, Bing, Google images
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