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I Am Number URD 1.1.0

URD has improved the Usenet experience even further with the release of 1.1.0.

In this brand new version, specific searches in newsgroups, rss feeds or spots can be saved and quickly retrieved. The use of spots have further been streamlined. And there is a new stylesheet available (Silver) as well as an overhaul of the Desert style and many minor improvements to the layout. Furthermore the statistics have been updated to show daily information as well. And as a bonus there is improved spam control, by blocking on poster names.

Of course there are many more changes, tweaks and fixes. The complete list of changes is after the break :)

  •  Fixed bug in unhiding sets
  •  Fixed bug in handling settings
  •  Moved unhide/hide sets to quickmenu
  •  Moved follow link to NZB to quickmenu
  •  Added option to show statistics per day
  •  Added hover effect to transfers/uploads, viewfiles and admin pages
  •  Edit rss feed now authentication is a checkbox with hiding u/p fields
  •  Changing user level in config is now saved into prefs too
  •  Added storing of spot searches
  •  Fixed bug in rss-feeds and groups with max/minsetsize
  •  Fixed issue with NZB file handling in some cases
  •  Now unique id for spots - fixes issues with marking sets as downloaded, interesting, etc
  •  Added preview download name to document title
  •  reset download parameters if all elements are removed from basket, such as dl_dir
  •  added spot categories to dl dir formatting
  •  added option to automatically clean inactive users
  •  Added mapping spots to urd categories
  •  Added default group/ feed for browse pages
  •  Fixed bug in displaying category names with funny characters
  •  Fixed issue not showing type of data in statistics (e.g. GB or kB)
  •  Fixed bug in sorting rss feeds
  •  Fixed showing correct tab in rss_feeds after applying settings
  •  Fixed saving user setting on inactive rss_feeds
  •  Fixed small bug with displaying deleting spots commands
  •  Uploading an NZB does not refresh the page anymore
  •  Fixed a bug in hiding spots
  •  Added black list for posters when updating groups for more spam control
  •  Fixed small giving harmless database update errors
  •  Updated ADODB to 5.14
  •  Added silver stylesheet
  •  Updated dessert style to "fresher" colours
  •  Search spots on poster field
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