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The Human CentipURD 1.0.9

And another new version, with even better Spot-support!

The last version allowed the user to view spots but downloading was not yet (automatically) possible. This feature has now been added!
The spot-categories have also been updated and can now be used as search criteria, and we now include Smarty 3.0 in the URD package.

The rest of the (minor) changes are after the break :)

  • Switched to Smarty 3.0
  • Added downloading from Spots
  • Fixed a small bug in editting dl dir in transfers
  • Sorted the order of the spots categories
  • Fixed some spot categories
  • Added categories in spot lists
  • Updated presentation of error messages
  • Fixed handling of downloading nfo info
  • Altered a some selectors to smartly handle numbers, e.g. 1K, 10M, or 33G, etc.
  • Fixed layout slightly
  • Added URL and image info to spot details
  • Fixed bug in posting messages
  • Fixed some minor issues with spots storage
  • Fixed some issues in language files
  • Fixed a bug in setting tabs in prefs and config
  • Fixed a bug in exporting groups settings using postgres
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