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Tucker & Dale vs URD 1.0.8

Yay, another new URD release! Most noticable improvements this time:

  • Support for 'Spots' - from the Spotnet/FTD community
  • New (more space efficient) menu structure

Together with small bugfixes and tweaks. Full details in the CHANGELOG, or after the break...



- Added spam filter to update function to weed out too small sets
- fixed issue with setting download directory in NZB downloads and auto downloads
- auto download and parse nfo files after gensets
- fixed issue with auto downloading files multiple times sas nzb files
- Added support for spots
- Fixed some issues with handling some commands in urdd
- Rewrote updating grouplist algorithm to handle really large sets of groups
- Allowed more than 1 pattern to match groups against when using grouplist update
- Fixed small issue with calendar not closing on pressing basket buttons
- New menu style for URD
- Login now remembers username and settings when wrong password was entered
- Fixed bug in groupssettings, not saving maxsetsize
- changed the behaviour of searches slightly, so that min set size is also used
- added link to nfo file in view_files if it exists in the directory
- rewrote delete account handler
- Fixed an issue with the download name when importing NZB files from view_files or the spool dir
- added user right to allow edit/deletion of files in the file viewer
- added nzb index and binsearch to search options
- show download name in preview
- removed URDD commands VERSION, TIME and UPTIME in favour of SHOW version|time|uptime
- Removed support for synchronising information with urdland in favour of the news server
- Fixed an issue with wrapping long popups
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