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Lt den URDe komma in : 1.0.4

And with the help from our new bestest swedish friend Thorwak we now have an URD
that has support for the swedish language :) Another big improvement is support for uploading
binaries to usenet, complete with parring/rarring. Sharing your wedding video with your friends
and relatives has never been this easy!

Some of the smaller changes are:

  • Support for XZVER compressed headers (e.g. Astraweb)
  • Improved ETA / speed calculations (still not awesome though)
  • Support for downloading 'just' text messages 
  • Autodownload feature is improved, now a per user permission
  • Bug fixed that could crash URDD with small downloads
  • Support for the '-' (exclusion) feature in search fields


For the full changelog hit "Read more"!

All changes:

- Added compression of created NZB files
- Improved handling of deleting sets
- Improved guessing ETA for updates
- Added support for compressed headers
- button to hide the menu
- added upload functionality
- added format string option to alter download dir name
- changed exported settings filename to all start with urd_
- better ajaxification of import settings
- autodownload permission per user
- apply visible groups when auto-downloading
- fix bug in marking sets with strings containing only spaces
- fix rare bug in previewing code
- added option to download message without attachments
- small improvements to error handling
- fixed bug in download code with small files
- fixed XSS bugs in rssfeeds and newsgroup pages
- browse pages and marking as interesting and autodownload now support - to exclude keywords from searches
- added Swedish translation

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