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BanlieURD 1.0.3

New release! And as you may infer from the title, there's support for the French language :D Many thanks to Philippe for doing the translation _o_

Other main changes:

  • Saving and restoring settings to/from file
  • Bug fixed with big message-ID's that caused never ending updates
  • Improved speed of generating sets by first removing incomplete ones
  • URDD startup progress indicator added (yellow light)
  • Changed log format to match that of syslog
  • More intuitive messages on pages when URDD is offline
  • An increased connection timeout value should reduce connection problems
  • Option to manually initiate a par2 repair / unrar on completed downloads
  • Language selection is now possible on the login page

You know the drill; the download link to the left has all the info you need.


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