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URD 1.0.1: The URD who shagged me

Indeedy, this is a news message to inform you of a new URD release :D

Main changes this time are:

  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Semi-automatic entering of extended set-info is much easier now
  • (e.g., previewed NFO files are parsed and entered as extsetinfo)
  • (e.g., you can guess extsetinfo without the validation step)
  • (e.g., you can guess extsetinfo for every item in the downloadbasket)
  • (e.g., you can quickly select ranges of sets by shift-clicking in the browse page)
  • Now support for RSS feeds with basic authentication
  • Webinterface is more AJAX-ed, like 'upload NZB' and some admin pages

Check the usual download page for installation details.
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