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URD 1.0.0 : HyperURD

Owwww Yeah!

This is the day people will talk about in the future.... "Where were you when URD 1.0.0 was released?".
Because we're so satisfied with the current features and stability, we've decided to jump from the 0.6.2 release straight to 1.0.0!

The biggest change you will see is the support for RSS feeds. Enter your feed once you're able to download files from it with two clicks.

You'll have to click 'read more' for the changelog; for now we'll list all the awesome features that URD brings... it's just LE-GEN-DARY!

  • Installation script (.deb & manual)
  • Upgrade script (.deb & manual)
  • Post-installation script (webpage)
  • English, German, Dutch language support
  • BSD and Linux compatible
  • Download from NZB's, RSS feeds or based on usenet headers
  • NZB's can be uploaded, downloaded or read from the spool dir
  • Auto-PAR/extract files
  • Support for passworded archives
  • Scheduling of downloads into the future
  • Easy previewing of .NFO files or images
  • Multi-user support with admin or nonadmin rights
  • Registration feature, lost password feature
  • Possible to add informational tags to download-sets
  • Tags are distributed to other URD users
  • Users can auto-highlight sets based on keywords
  • Users can auto-hide sets based on keywords
  • Users can auto-download sets based on keywords
  • Support for 3rd party post-download scripts
  • Skinnable webinterface (only 1 skin though :P)
  • Lots of user-specific preferences
  • High security (XSRF protection, XSS/SQL injection tested)

If you have a decent webserver and a usenet account, you want URD for downloading binaries!
Download here!

Lazy copy/paste from the CHANGELOG file:

- Added support for NZB files from RSS feeds
- Fixed bug in restoring paused queue items upon restart
- Fixed bug in rescheduling downloads
- Fixed ordering of periods
- Fixed a small bug in parsing nzb files
- Fixed a bug in creating nzb files
- Fixed a bug in emailing download status
- Added support of scripts running after a download is complete
- Fixed bug in status screen
- Fixed bug in version check display
- Sped up status screen
- Marking / unmarking sets in browse (groups and rss) should only update visible sets, instead of all sets
- Made groups in transfers foldable
- Improved some images (viz delete/purge, follow link)
- Updated file type recognition for download files based on mime type
- Fixed a bug in unscheduling data
- Changed schedule restore code, so that delayed downloads are also continued upon restart
- Fixed a bug in preview handling that occurs when all slots are in use
- Added max size for previews (2MB)
- Fixed menusize so that it is still usable on smaller screens
- Fixed a bug in clean dir command
- Made age after which temp files are removed a config option
- Improved detection of running URDD by pidfile
- More debug info in debug.php
- Drastically improved speed of browse page
- Added option to test which of the configured servers can be used (-T, --test)
- Added option to test connection to URDland
- Added option to disable get/sendsetinfo from command line
- Improved some messages concerning common errors
- Lots of small bugfixes here and there
- Added quick preview to quickmenu in browse page
- Fixed annoying popup message in viewfiles when backing to a sorted directory
- Fixed the downloadarticles table from filling up endlessly
- Removed ETA/dl speed from completed downloads
- improved cleandb function (a lot ) - remove more stale data and runs as a separate thread

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