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0.5.5 "Now more stable than ever"

Yes! The long awaited 0.5.5 release is here!

We have been fixing bugs like mad, props to the people that pointed them out, you know who you are :)

Short list of the biggest fixes:

  • Fixed a typo in the 'check version' code, breaking the check version feature :(
  • Fixed bug where subscribing to certain newsgroups didn't work anymore after it 'broke' once
  • Fixed a HTML escaping bug in the NZB generator, breaking the XML syntax
  • Fixed bug in 'preview' feature where you got forwarded to a non-existing /tmp folder
  • Fixed bug in telnet where a ^C would cause URDD to hang (DoS danger!)
  • Fixed bug where unrar/unpar would wait until all downloads were finished
  • Fixed bug in the 'file downloading' feature where the entire file was first stored in memory

And the new thing:

  • Community based set info!

As an option, you can send and receive set info to/from the URD server. You'll have to have a forum account, which you need to enter into the configuration page. We need this
to block spammers or evildoers (see the Disclaimer page for privacy info).

The idea is to turn:

    Big Buck Bunny (HD) [01/59] - "Big_Buck_Bunny_HD.part01.rar" yEnc


    Bick Buck Bunny (720p) English

Complete with links to IMDB, movie rating, file quality, etcetera.

So go ahead and try it out !



Full changelog:

  • Fixed bug in check version
  • Added manual check version to the control page
  • Fixed bug in parsenzb
  • Fixed bug in log viewer sort order on date
  • Fixed bug in log viewer where clicking on the header gives a js error
  • Fixed bug in update headers where urdd thread would crash with memory overflow
  • Fixed bug in subscribe if the group or part tables already exist
  • Fixed bug: max_urddthreads could not be set anymore.
  • Some code cleanup
  • Fixed a bug where updating a non-existing group would be paused
  • Fixed a small bug trying to purge a non-subscribed group
  • Added "keep broken" switch to rar command
  • Fixed bug in cleandir; added cleandir option to admin/control
  • Fixed a bug in usenet_servers that occurs sometimes with a incorrect query
  • Added unarj as an alternative to arj in the installer
  • Fixed bugs where really, really large ages would be displayed in the sets
  • Fixed bug where download complete messages are not set for previews anymore
  • Added a central server interface for Extended SetInfo (extsetinfo) via XML RPC
  • Added functions to download from and upload to the central server
  • Added forum credential fields to configuration, required for communication with the central server interface
  • Added scheduling of get/send info
  • Extended SetInfo is now used for determining download names, searching, and such
  • Cleaned up the logging output by moving all the spammy stuff to DEBUG level
  • Downloaded files will now be moved to the done directory after URDD is entirely done with it and not after the download is complete, but unpar etc must still be run
  • Fixed bug with preview directing to a not existing /tmp folder instead of the existing /preview one
  • Fixed bug in unsetting schedules in admin/config
  • Fixed bug in urdd command line options wrt -r
  • Fixed bug in unrar_unpar, crashing when no argument is supplied
  • Fixed bug where ^C in telnet would block urdd
  • Fixed bugs in generating NZB file
  • Fixed bug in getfile for large files (> ~128MB == mem limit)
  • Fixed bug in optimise-database function that stopped it from working
  • Fixed bug in opening logfile when it was owned by a different user
  • Fixed a bug in usenet servers where it wouldn't work if a language other than English was used
  • Fixed a bug in users where it wouldn't work if a language other than English was used
  • Fixed small bug in logging code for create Download, if the directory could not be created
  • Fixed bug where mail messages could not be send


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