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Legal Disclaimer

 We won't bore you with all that incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo, just this short list of don'ts:

  1. Downloading pirated software may be illegal in your country. Illegal = wrong. Don't. No really. Don't.
  2. has a forum. Discussing illegal software is fine, but don't do it on our website.

If everybody sticks to that, we don't need to worry about the RIAA or MPAA nazi's threatening to close us down and forbid URD and whatnot.


Privacy Statement

When you use URD with the feature to up/download set information, you need to supply a valid forum account. This is to prevent SPAM and to stop access to set information for people that misbehave or that want to use said information in a commercial manner.

What we store in the set-information-database is the forum-user name with the sent set information. We do not keep track of individual user statistics, apart from the number of sets the user has submitted.

Furthermore, we encourage you to set up an anonymous forum account. You can get temporary e-mail addresses at . (We require e-mail activation to reduce the number of spam accounts.) Don't enter any information you don't feel like sharing.

We shall not sell your e-mail accounts to online-marketing companies.



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