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I Am Number URD 1.1.0

URD has improved the Usenet experience even further with the release of 1.1.0.

In this brand new version, specific searches in newsgroups, rss feeds or spots can be saved and quickly retrieved. The use of spots have further been streamlined. And there is a new stylesheet available (Silver) as well as an overhaul of the Desert style and many minor improvements to the layout. Furthermore the statistics have been updated to show daily information as well. And as a bonus there is improved spam control, by blocking on poster names.

Of course there are many more changes, tweaks and fixes. The complete list of changes is after the break :)

The Human CentipURD 1.0.9

And another new version, with even better Spot-support!

The last version allowed the user to view spots but downloading was not yet (automatically) possible. This feature has now been added!
The spot-categories have also been updated and can now be used as search criteria, and we now include Smarty 3.0 in the URD package.

The rest of the (minor) changes are after the break :)

Tucker & Dale vs URD 1.0.8

Yay, another new URD release! Most noticable improvements this time:

  • Support for 'Spots' - from the Spotnet/FTD community
  • New (more space efficient) menu structure

Together with small bugfixes and tweaks. Full details in the CHANGELOG, or after the break...



  • I Spit on Your URD 1.0.7: Unrated
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