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URD 0.5.1 is out!

As usual, our ".0" release was a bit buggy still (a non working installer might be seen as a good example of this).

So, in addition to all the good stuff in 0.5.0, this is an overview of what else you'll get:

  • Working installer
  • Admin pages now check if the user is an admin (;))
  • Chmod now correctly sets subdirectory access rights
  • Redesigned images with transparancy
  • Basic RSS feature

See the download page for more info.

Furthermore, welcome to our new website!!
This is the first article so we're taking this chance to announce the opening of " 2.0". Our very first website was 'quick & dirty' and only aimed at having the bare minimum. Now, we've switched to Joomla so we can update newsitems/screenshots etc. more easily, plus we've set up a forum. It's bound to be more userfriendly than the sourceforge one :)


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