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URD 1.0.0 : HyperURD

Owwww Yeah!

This is the day people will talk about in the future.... "Where were you when URD 1.0.0 was released?".
Because we're so satisfied with the current features and stability, we've decided to jump from the 0.6.2 release straight to 1.0.0!

The biggest change you will see is the support for RSS feeds. Enter your feed once you're able to download files from it with two clicks.

You'll have to click 'read more' for the changelog; for now we'll list all the awesome features that URD brings... it's just LE-GEN-DARY!

  • Installation script (.deb & manual)
  • Upgrade script (.deb & manual)
  • Post-installation script (webpage)
  • English, German, Dutch language support
  • BSD and Linux compatible
  • Download from NZB's, RSS feeds or based on usenet headers
  • NZB's can be uploaded, downloaded or read from the spool dir
  • Auto-PAR/extract files
  • Support for passworded archives
  • Scheduling of downloads into the future
  • Easy previewing of .NFO files or images
  • Multi-user support with admin or nonadmin rights
  • Registration feature, lost password feature
  • Possible to add informational tags to download-sets
  • Tags are distributed to other URD users
  • Users can auto-highlight sets based on keywords
  • Users can auto-hide sets based on keywords
  • Users can auto-download sets based on keywords
  • Support for 3rd party post-download scripts
  • Skinnable webinterface (only 1 skin though :P)
  • Lots of user-specific preferences
  • High security (XSRF protection, XSS/SQL injection tested)

If you have a decent webserver and a usenet account, you want URD for downloading binaries!
Download here!

URD 0.6.2: Salvation

Wahey! Another new release!

No graphic upgrades this time (we have a new skin planned for one of our next releases though),
but there are bugfixes and new features as usual.

Short list of the major changes:

  • You can now search in the 'view files' pages
  • Downloaded images are displayed 'inside the URD template'
  • It is now possible to delete all sets
  • ETA in status window and download page are synced
  • Auto-download feature implemented, based on keywords
  • Added salt to password hashes, improved security
  • Fixed some XSS bugs (which required valid logins though)
  • You can now specify the name of a download beforehand
  • And also: we made an update script to upgrade old URD versions!

Check the changelog in the download package for the exact details.
Here's the download link!

Now out: Urd 0.6.1

What's new you ask?
A lot of bugfixes, some new features and a fancier design mostly!

Short list of the changes:

  • Generating sets is now a separate thread, freeing up server connections
  • Preview functionality had a bug that would crash URDD, fixed
  • Preparing downloads is now handled by URDD which makes browse.php faster
  • Blacklist keywords are now possible, matching sets are hidden automatically
  • Ditched MD5 for SHA-256 for password hashes, requires a re-login to be applied
  • You can start downloads from .nzb files in viewfiles with a single click
  • Preferences has an entry for the user level, affects the configuration page detail
  • eBooks are added as a binarytype for extended set info
  • Set info can now be regenerated per newsgroup in the newsgroup page
  • There's a spool directory for nzb files, put em there to auto download
  • Basic statistics page is added
  • Login, register, lost password pages are prettified
  • Status window is prettified, and can be 'minimized' (temporarily)
  • Debug info is tweaked, password hash is removed

 The complete list is in the CHANGELOG in the release archive, as usual.

Screenshots are in the screenshots page if you're curious as to how Urd 0.6.1 looks.


You can download it for free, see the download page !


  • URD 0.6.0 releasified!
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