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New screenshots available

We just added a couple of new screenshots of the forthcoming 1.0.7 release of URD.

Do you see the differences?


URD 1.0.6: Alice in Urdland

It has been a while but contrary to popular belief, we did not take our URD capital to the bahama's for an early retirement ;)

While there are no thrilling new features, we did add some minor ones:

  • Set information can now be shared through a newsgroup also (not just the server)
  • More security for logins: auto-lockout and captcha support
  • SQLite is now supported, performance is obviously suboptimal :)
  • Categorising of newsgroups and rss feeds supported
  • Automatic clean up of par2 and rar log files

 Also the look and feel of URD have been improved a great deal, most importantly:

  • The browse pages have been improved and its speed improved
  • The browse page popup menu is changed from image based to text based
  • Transfers, Preferences and configuration are now tabbed
  • Whole new look for statistics
  • New background image ;)

And of course a truckload of bugs have been eradicated:

  • Installer now sets correct paths for some of the 3rd party tools
  • Logfile not writeable will not stop URDD from starting anymore
  • Posting rights are now actually checked
  • Handling authentication erros to usenet servers is working correctly now
  • Setting file rights is view files is working


Full log is after the break...


URD 1.0.5 updated: Even more control

 There were some small bugs left in 1.0.5 These have been corrected:

  • Fixed bug in setting rights in view_files rename
  • Fixed some stuff with html tags in text files while viewing
  • Fixed small bug in status screen with rar failing
  • Fixed bug in handling posting failure
  • Fixed bug in installer check on subdownloader
  • Fixed bug in editing uploads
  • Fixed a bug in editing usenet servers
  • Speed 2: URD Control (1.0.5)
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