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URD 1.0.5 updated: Even more control

 There were some small bugs left in 1.0.5 These have been corrected:

  • Fixed bug in setting rights in view_files rename
  • Fixed some stuff with html tags in text files while viewing
  • Fixed small bug in status screen with rar failing
  • Fixed bug in handling posting failure
  • Fixed bug in installer check on subdownloader
  • Fixed bug in editing uploads
  • Fixed a bug in editing usenet servers
Speed 2: URD Control (1.0.5)

Bugs? Not so much! This release focusses on bugfixes, adds more configuration options and has a few new features.

Important bugfixes:

  • Importing/exporting settings is now more error resistant
  • Parse NFO bug fixed
  • Expiring incomplete sets is now working as it should
  • Multiple simultaneous get/send extsetinfo's now works
  • SFV checking is now functional

Important enhancements:

  • Deprecation warnings for PHP solved
  • Speed of generating sets is increased significantly
  • Database size decreased with 30/40% due to DB optimalisation

Important new features:

  • Support for 'Subdownloader' which can automatically find & download subtitles
  • Unwanted characters can now be substituted per user preference
  • Added 'passworded' field in extsetinfo that is automatically used for extraction
  • Added 'copyrighted' field in extsetinfo to identify illegal file sharing
  • Added option to nice external programs like rar and par2
  • Added support to detect encrypted rar archives while downloading (and abort)
  • Added support for posting text/binary messages to a newsgroup


Lt den URDe komma in : 1.0.4

And with the help from our new bestest swedish friend Thorwak we now have an URD
that has support for the swedish language :) Another big improvement is support for uploading
binaries to usenet, complete with parring/rarring. Sharing your wedding video with your friends
and relatives has never been this easy!

Some of the smaller changes are:

  • Support for XZVER compressed headers (e.g. Astraweb)
  • Improved ETA / speed calculations (still not awesome though)
  • Support for downloading 'just' text messages 
  • Autodownload feature is improved, now a per user permission
  • Bug fixed that could crash URDD with small downloads
  • Support for the '-' (exclusion) feature in search fields


For the full changelog hit "Read more"!

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